People Change

Recently, I was having some delicious Japanese food with my mum Elizabeth Brookshaw and my sister Abigail Beeby Lavis, and I was reminded of an important life lesson... If you like this video, please LIKE & SHARE! SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel: YouTube: Follow me on Facebook:

Don’t Live a Life of Regret

If you know you have to do something with your life... do it now! Don't live a life of regret. Regrets can be painful in our lives... If you like this video, please LIKE & SHARE! SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel: YouTube: Follow me on Facebook:

Let’s Talk About Planes

On this vlog, we have a special guest... my mum Elizabeth Brookshaw. Recently, I was travelling with her and we talked about life lessons we can learn from "planes". So, Let's Talk About Planes! If you think the messages in this video are helpful, please LIKE & SHARE! SUBSCRIBE: YouTube: Facebook:…

Baggages from the Past

What people don't realise is... many of us carry too many baggages from the past. Are you one of them? If you think the message in this video is helpful, please LIKE & SHARE SUBSCRIBE: YouTube: Facebook:

Habits Can Make or Break You

Habits are a result of our decisions. But we must make wise decisions. What habits are we planning to build in our lives. Because habits will MAKE or BREAK you! >>>PLEASE LIKE & SHARE<<< SUBSCRIBE: YouTube: Facebook:

Is It Really Worth It?

Is it really worth it to be busy and lose so many things that are important to you? If this helps you, PLEASE LIKE & SHARE! Thanks :) SUBSCRIBE to get these videos regularly: YouTube: Facebook:

Slow Down!

In our fast paced life, we need to remember to slow down! We will have a different perspective..., things will become clearer. Please LIKE & SHARE to bless others with this message. SUBSCRIBE: YouTube: Facebook:

How Do I Know It’s God?

How do you know it's really God who is speaking to you? This is an excerpt from the "Lunch & Learn" webinar with Wesley Leake. If this is helpful to you... Please LIKE & SHARE! :) SUBSCRIBE: YouTube: Facebook: CREDITS: Acoustic Meditation 2 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution…

When Your Spirit is Strong

"When your spirit is strong... your mind is clearer. When your spirit is strong... you can handle more things, more challenges." If this video helps you, please LIKE & SHARE! SUBSCRIBE: YouTube: Facebook: