Ben Irawan is a public speaker, entrepreneur, mentor, educator, influencer, nation builder, marketing expert, business consultant and an accomplished musician. 

He has many years of business and professional experience at high level management positions. He has been involved in the music industry, film & video production, advertising & marketing, publishing, education, various non-profit organisations and politics. 

A few of his past achievements are listed below:

  • Recording studio manager, vocalist, keyboardist, composer, producer, arranger for LeadBreak Recording Studios. 
  • Co-owner and operator of Lifeboat Cafe & Cafe Ark. 
  • Director and chief editor of publishing companies Big Thumb Productions & New City Media
  • Director, producer and studio manager at Avigra Communication Group  producing TV commercials, marketing videos and radio jingles.
  • Creative director and co-owner at Communique 33 Communication Group, an audio/video production house and advertising agency.
  • Director of Focus on the Family Australia, a family advocacy group founded by Dr James Dobson in America to help families thrive.
  • Chairman of Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation, a non-profit organisation doing excellent work in encouraging fathers to be active with their children. Dads4Kids are famous for their annual Fathers Day TV ads during Fathers Day which unfortunately was banned from airing in 2018 because of political correctness and was considered to be an offensive material. 
  • Director of  Australian Heart Ministries, an organisation that initiated a non-partisan political advocacy through Canberra Declaration and Australian Christian Values Institute. These organisations lobby for conservative issues and encourage politicians from different political persuasions who are standing up for conservative Christian values by giving them an Australian Christian Values Award. 
  • Director of Family First Party NSW before it merged with the Australian Conservatives.
  • State executive and campaign strategist of Australian Conservatives in NSW.
  • Upper House candidate at the 2019 NSW State Election representing the Australian Conservatives.

His current involvements are listed below:

  • Founder and director of Kingdom Culture Christian School. A 21st Century Learning school, with the motto “Raising Tomorrow’s Leaders”, educating and equipping the next generation for the changing future.
  • Founder and event director of Sydney Easter Parade & Family Day. An annual event every Easter Monday that unites churches from different denominations and attracts tens and thousands of Sydney-siders and tourists from across the state and overseas. 
  • Senior pastor of Life Centre International, a thriving church with congregations in Sydney and Wollongong. 

Ben Irawan is a futurist, a strategist, as well as a proven and well connected leader who is passionate in the area of nation building.